Welcome to my fandom-entrenched blog. I'll be your host. Try not to get too lost but if you do I'm always up for a good chat or bad pun-off.
Do you miss anyone right now?

I miss quite a few people for various reasons. I miss my big sis Kennedy, my best friend Stef and a few other people who I’ve either lost contact with or just never get to see anymore.

Which cosplay are you most looking forward to doing?

At the moment. Yang Xiao Long because she’s almost done and I get to wear her at AAC. Also I can’t wait to make a ball gown for Rose. And I’ll be excised if I ever finish America from Hetalia

What do you do when you're feeling down?

I listen to a bunch of music. Normally my inspire playlist. It’s got a bunch of feel good songs and I read

What are you most looking forward to right now?

October. My friend is coming to visit. My school has spirit week right before that. Possibly homecoming. AAC. And Halloween. All wrapped up into one month

Do you like anyone right now? If so, do they know you do?

I’ve had a crush on a certain person for a long time. But I don’t think they know because I don’t want it to ruin our friendship since I suck at relationships. Sorry that’s really sappy


it took approximately six dozen tries to get this right